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Teaching Art

Goal: Art Instructor, part-time, for adults or children at a community based arts center to
encourage creativity, growth, and a sense of accomplishment in their work.




My passion is creating art and sharing my love of art with adults and children. I developed my passion by pursuing an undergraduate degree in Art Education and a masters degree in Instructional Design, while continuing to develop my skills with art classes and workshops taught by various national and international art masters. I share my passion for art by teaching classes, volunteering and participating on the boards of different art organizations.


The vision for my classes is to recognize, acknowledge and support my students' emerging art potential, and help strengthen each artist's sense of self through art-making. I foster a safe environment where students are encouraged to playfully explore and experiment with media, engage in creative problem solving and learn to take creative risks.

My focus is to assist in the development of the student's appreciation of beauty and understanding of the art principles of form, line, value, shape, color, texture, rhythm and movement. In my classes, students are exposed to the myriad ways artists throughout history have employed formal principles of art making and technique. My challenge is to guide my students to translate their ideas, feelings and thoughts into a visual statement.

An important part of my classes centers on the analysis, interpretation and critique of the art pieces that students are creating, while providing a safe place to express their art. I encourage students to learn to articulate their ideas and their feelings about what they observe and what they create. 

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