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What do I like?

Getting started is a time of hundreds of questions. What do I want on my site? How should it look? What cool web features do I want? Since I didn't have the answers to these questions, I decided the best way for me to start was to LOOK at what other artists had already done.

searching for inspiration

First, I returned to those artist business cards I collected in my business of art class and visited their sites. The sites each had their strengths and weaknesses. Some great design, some simple designs, some dated interfaces, a lot of GREAT ART.

Next, I returned to my friend Google and searched for best artist websites. One thing I quickly realized is that I needed to add search parameters to only see the most recent sites. The best sites from 2014, really are meaningless when designing a site in 2017.

After looking at the websites and investigating several tools, I decided that WIX was the tool for my adventure in creating an online gallery for MY ART. To decide on the look, I checked out some of their latest WIX templates at New! 11 Amazing Templates That You Don’t Want to Miss, and selected the Aerial Photography Website Template. I think determining what

Later, I may decide to venture into e-commerce, but for now, I'm focusing on a portfolio and blog.

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