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A Memorial to a Quiet Life

My beautiful Mom passed away in September of 2016, a week after her 93rd birthday. This September, my family will go back to our home town, OSWEGO IL, to memorialize her life. I decided to paint a watercolor, I'm calling Mom's Memories. I imagined her sitting in her chair and remembering her family.

First, I gathered together photos of our family, and created a composition. I still want to find a picture of my 2nd oldest brother John, who died when he was only 18, to add to the composition.

I copied the images to Arches hot press 140 lb paper.

I then started my painting with Mom as I most recently remembered her on her 93rd birthday. I am realizing that painting on a smooth finish paper is really great for creating portraits. In the past, I've always painted on rough textured papers.

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